Overland Trailer USA



At the moment we do not deliver. Each rental is actually picked up with the owner of the trailer. 

Each owner has the option to allow for pets or not. We leave it up to them, but if they do there is a $250 deposit and if it’s discovered that a pet was in the rental there will be a $250 cleaning fee billed to the renters credit card.

You must have full coverage and be insured. It’s best you contact your insurance company and ask if you are covered and what if any deductible there is in the event of an accident. If you do not, then we will offer a supplemental insurance for an additional daily fee.

Yes! Each trailer is actually located with the owner and per the agreement, they will make sure you have a complete walk around/thru so you can head out knowing exactly how everything operates. Many owners even have little manuals with how to’s.

Each owner sets the price for their rental. 

Yes and No… We leave it to the owner, but most will want at least a two or three night rental. 

Yes! It’s $250 before you pick up the trailer and once you drop it off and the owner tells us it’s returned, we then finalize the rental agreement and charge your credit card.