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About Us

Like Many Of You, We LOVE the Outdoors Too

So how did we get here? Let’s just say like many others who enjoy the great outdoors. We wanted to rent a trailer before we purchased, but it just didn’t seem possible. At least from the off-road market. We looked and while there were plenty of rental options for the standard RV or trailer. We just couldn’t find a place that specializes in the off-road/boondocking world. So we decided to try it in a different way..
The owner keeps the unit with them and we take care of bookings, and other needs in order to get the most rentals for the owner. Best part is we think we offer the most money to the owner in the market of trailer rentals. 

We look forward to helping you with your next rental or if you have a trailer to rent we can help there too! 

Overland Trailer USA….