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We are a family-oriented business located near Tulsa, OK in the central part of the US.  Whether you are a family or only one person, we are here to help you with renting overland trailers and accessories.

Relax in This Beautiful and Friendly Environment

What better way to get in touch with the natural beauty of Yellowstone or the Ozarks than to camp out surrounded by exceptional wildlife, inspiring mountain ranges and sprawling meadows.

The thrill of discovering new places together

We are looking forward to helping you and your family with the finest trailers at affordable rates. We would love to help you with a reservation for an enjoyable camping experience durning any season!

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About Overland Trailer USA

Overland Trailer USA was built for those who want the ability to rent an overland trailer before committing to a purchase.  We know the excitement getting out with family and friends can be. And overlanding adds the greater element of freedom. 

So we partnered with some of the industries finest to assemble a rugged trailer that most any midsize and even small vehicles could pull and get away to the great outdoors. 


So. you are new to overlanding and don’t know what clothes to pack, equipment to bring, or how much food? We can help! Overlanding is growing as a lifestyle and we are happy to help you make any trip the very best possible. No need to worry, we are here to help answer questions and guide you through the process. Just reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

Special Features


Lightweight and easy to pull with most capable small trucks, suvs, and some cars. Ask us for more details.

Off-Road Ready

Some trailers come with no axle and fully independent suspension, and pull on road as well as off road, like a dream and when combined with off-road mud terrain tires, you will find yourself exploring places like never before.


Many of our rental trailers have a on demand hot water heater for the outdoor shower combined with onboard water, you will be off-grid for days and still feel clean.


Some trailers have a built in kitchen for cooking meals while others may not.Be sure to ask us if you are unsure if the trailer you are renting is equipped or not. We have options available in many cases to help.

Equipment Rentals

You are planning an epic road trip but you don't have all the latest and greatest? Not to worry, many of the trailers have options for generators, hot water showers and more. Just ask if you are unsure.

Trailers & Rates

Overland Trailer OPUS Air (Tulsa, OK)

By using OPUS AIR-inflated technology, it allows for a much larger interior lounge. In addition to our 8-foot ceilings, the OPUS is equipped with a ton of windows and skylights to ensure you feel like you’re still outdoors!


Open Range

The Rally Point

The Rally Point Trailer is packed with features that make a long weekend off the beaten path relaxing and enjoyable. Click on one of the buttons to the left to learn more about some of the added features with our rentals. 

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